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Calcium Carbide in Mangoes: Your Favourite Summer Fruit May Be Loaded With Cancer-Causing Chemicals; Easy Ways to Detect Artificial Ripening Agents (Watch Video)

Carbide in Mangoes (Photo Credits: Pixabay) Summers are here and undoubtedly the best part about summers is MANGOES! Mango is a fruit that is not only extremely delicious but also immensely rich in nutrition. This low-calorie fruit is high in fibre which means it is good for your tummy. The summer fruit is also a… Read More »

Stopping cancer from recruiting immune system double agents

Cancerous tumors trick myeloid cells, an important part of the immune system, into perceiving them as a damaged part of the body; the tumors actually put myeloid cells to work helping them grow and metastasize (spread). A research team co-led by scientists at Rush University Medical Center have discovered a potential therapy that can disrupt… Read More »