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Biden Calling ACA ‘Breakthrough’ For Mental Health Parity Highlights Gaps

“We made parity between mental health and physical health. It was a fundamental breakthrough in how we thought about how things should work.” Joe Biden, former vice president and 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful, in an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on July 8, 2019 In a sit-down interview with CNN, 2020 Democratic presidential primary candidate… Read More »

Cancer breakthrough happened by chance

Darrin Batchelor never imagined his four-year-old daughter’s achy knee would turn his family’s world upside down, but within 14 hours of a visit to the doctor, she was in hospital. On Monday, after Isla went to swimming training, he and wife Sarah decided to book a GP appointment for the next morning. “We got called… Read More »

Medical News Today: Osteoporosis breakthrough: Bone mass increased by 800 percent

A groundbreaking set of studies has found that blocking certain receptors in the brain leads to the growth of remarkably strong bones. Could a new osteoporosis treatment be on the horizon? Osteoporosis most commonly affects older women. Primarily a disease of old age, osteoporosis can cause bones to become gradually weaker. Over time, bones become… Read More »