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FemBeat: Menstrual Equity Was Celebrated And Rewarded At The Oscars

Director Rayka Zehtabchi and producer Melissa Berton accept their Oscars for Best Documentary Short.Screenshot of YouTube video A lot of founders and entrepreneurs are dedicating time and effort to promote menstrual equity. Period-proof underwear brand THINX recently released a video to raise awareness around period poverty (i.e. when a girl or a woman cannot afford to buy… Read More »

Soy baby formula linked to severe menstrual cramps later in life

(Reuters Health) – Feeding infant girls baby formula containing soy may set them up for more painful menstrual periods as young women, a new study suggests. The research, which included information on more than 1,500 African American women, reinforces findings in earlier studies that included mostly Caucasian women. “We observed that soy formula feeding during… Read More »