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Quebec warns of cancer risk to women with textured breast implants

MONTREAL — The Quebec Health Department wants the thousands of women in the province who have received textured breast implants since 1995 to be warned of a potential cancer risk. The government has asked the province’s hospitals and clinics to contact all patients who received that specific type of implant in the last 24 years… Read More »

Mental health: UK could ban social media over suicide images, minister warns

Media playback is unsupported on your device Social media firms could be banned if they fail to remove harmful content, the health secretary has warned. Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show, Matt Hancock said: “If we think they need to do things they are refusing to do, then we can and we must legislate.”… Read More »

Kiss of salmonella? Snuggling with hedgehogs linked to outbreak, CDC warns

The worst part about owning a hedgehog might seem to be be getting poked by its porcupine-like quills. But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that the mammals are linked to something far sinister: salmonella. Eleven people across eight states have been infected with a strain of salmonella linked to hedgehog droppings as… Read More »